The Big "Why"

To fully understand a company, organization, relationship, or individual,
you must understand the values that drive them.

Beyond the mission of Transcend, we desire to uplift and inspire others to be their best and remove the mental barriers that hold them back.

All too often we get sidetracked in life with what is not important.  As we focus on what IS important, we experience emotions that bring about change.   With every breath we take, we never know when it will be our last breath.  We live in a world where people die and death is the transition that awaits us all.  What we leave behind is a legacy that shows who we really are.  To assure we are leaving the legacy we choose, it is essential to take time away from the fast paced world we live in and assess ourselves.

We must seek our own answers to some of life's deepest questions:

Who am I? Why am I here? What has my existence done for this world I live in?

There are many forms of a leader and each of them include great responsibility. As we accept leadership responsibility, we must acknowledge the need to know the values that drive us.  What do we mold our thoughts, words, and actions from? What keeps us going day after day, after day, after day? What keeps us held back from doing our best and reaching our vision?

When we reach this level of 100% honesty with ourselves, we are able to move past what we previously believed to have held us back and expand to fulfill our potential.  When asked, "What impact has your life had on those within your reach?", you will be able to give a positive and honest answer.

Life is a series of decisions, actions, and reactions.  What we Do or DO NOT do in this life matters.  We must choose these reactions and decisions, NOT from the circumstances around us, rather from the circumstances that create us.  When we are able to answer those questions honestly with ourselves we gain more control of our decisions, actions, and reactions.  As we align our output in this world with the level that God who created us has lined out, we experience a force that drives our life with passion.