What are people saying about Transcend?

We surveyed Lasco fittings and delivered a precise training to meet their current needs. Jahbari McLennan trained their HR team on DISC communication and David Terrell created and assessed their survey to target solutions specific to their company needs. Contact us to schedule a training or survey your business and see how you really operate.
An amazing experience! Totally took me out of my comfort zone, which helped me see how I was contributing to my own personal challenges. Once those were out of the way, I felt unstoppable at anything I wanted to do! This is the clearest vision I have ever had for my life! (Alive Training)
— Catherine, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Transcend Alive is truly a life changing experience, the catalyst I needed to embrace the present moment, living with abandon to the past. A very interactive weekend of renewal to mind, spirit and heart. The staff utilized amazing techniques to push me to achieve a level of awakening and openness to love and trust and see our world and everyone I meet in a most childlike way, excited for each new encounter.
— Sherry, Pocahontas, Arkansas

This experience... took my level of thinking and living to a whole new reality. I moved on from the anchors holding me back in my life, and turned to a new, loving, motivated self. Realizing my self limiting beliefs through this class, I was able to break down those walls and beliefs I had built; thus leading me on a new life journey as a better person, wife, mother, employee, and team member.
— Kylie, Melbourne, Arkansas

I left looking everyone in the eye and felt more connected with all my interactions. I have sent many friends to attend the training as well. It was a motivating experience.
— John, Joneboro, Arkansa

It was very motivational and uplifting. I feel more of a sense of urgency for life.
— Jayden, Jonesboro, Arkansas