What can a Transcend Survey do for you?

Any good doctor will survey the patient’s problem with a series of questions.  Technology increases accuracy and provides doctors with the ability to take a real look at what is going on in the inside with an x-ray or MRI.  Technology has also allowed leaders to efficiently take a look at what is going on within an organization. Surveying is classical method, and with technology it is a quick and easy way to get a clear look at what is going on in an organization.  

Creating, administering, and analyzing survey results in a way that will convert into useful data is a large process.  It can be a time sucking task on top of the other critical tasks that every company has. Let us help you by putting in the time to ensure your company is growing the way it needs to.

Transcend Life will assess your organization with a free consultation and then we will construct a custom, third-party, anonymous survey for your team.  We perform surveys internally with employees and externally with customers. Knowing what your company actually looks like will provide you with critical data that allows you to focus your improvements.

After the survey results are in, Transcend Life will formulate a custom training to meet your companies needs.  Typically, the third or fourth survey taken will start showing more accurate statistics.

Our surveys are administered digitally and can be taken on computer, tablet, or phone.  The results are received as soon as the entire team has completed the survey. Our team then analyzes the results and provides you with the charts, interpretations, and plans of improvement.

To receive the ultimate value out of your survey, we recommend that full team surveys are administered once a month for the first quarter and ⅓ of the team surveyed once a month after that.  This will give you current up to date results each month. The ongoing surveys are the quickest way to see the positive results received from the Transcend Trainings you select.

While surveys provide us with powerful a accurate data, we understand the limitations of surveys.  We combine the survey results with interviews to gain the full picture of what is occurring within an organization.  The survey questions can be previewed before they are administered to your team to make sure that you have a full understanding for each question and to prioritize the data gathering.

Contact a Transcend Representative today to find out how easy and effective our surveys can be for your organization.