Which retreat is right for your team?

Leadership and Team Development Retreat 2 ½ Days

This is a highly impactful retreat that is focused on leadership development the entire weekend. This is a very challenging course with powerful results. These retreats take anywhere from 10-20 people at a time from one or multiple businesses. Focus is placed on Team, Commitment, Focus, Vision, Overcoming Challenges, and Leadership. This retreat combines these aspects with the human emotion element that exists in every team. Be prepared for an intense weekend and lasting results.

Outdoor Team Building Retreat 2 ½ Days

Our outdoor retreat at T Legacy Ranch focuses on bringing a team closer together and helping gain a clear understanding of effective communication and leadership. We take groups up to 16 people and lodging will be in bunk cabins. If you have a small group, you may be combined with another small group. This retreat focuses on communication, unity, relaxation, and fun. Be prepared for a fun, informative, and relaxing time that will refresh your abilities and bring your team closer together.

Outdoor Horses Transcend Team Retreat 2 ½ Days

This is a team retreat uses the power of horsemanship to teach communication, assertiveness, vision, and leadership. This is for small team groups of 6 or less people. There is no need for any prior horse experience to attend and riding is not required. We combine horse time, class time, and relaxation time to bring you an experience that you will remember. This retreat comes from our 501c3 partner company, Horses & Heroes Transcend.