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Our team has a wide variety of experience.

 Johnny Terrell - Owner

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After serving in the Air Force in accounting and finance, Johnny Terrell began his career in the corporate world while living in Denver, Colorado. Early in his career, Johnny learned about Douglas McGregor’s "theory X and Y" approach toward employees. At the time, corporations were moving toward creating theory Y environments, where employees are trusted and appreciated versus theory x, where workers are considered lazy and unmotivated. He also read the book, I’m OK, You’re OK, which taught him that personal self-worth for everyone was the most important thing to have with his employees. Both of those experiences had a huge influence on him, transforming his ability to create great work environments where employees enjoyed working, knew their self-worth, and exceeded all work expectations. A personal handshake and a smile to tell them thank you for being there was part of Johnny’s daily interactions with employees.

Johnny had the opportunity to move around the country, working in many major cities as well as  rural areas with a wide variety of employees. Throughout his entire career he was continuously improving approaches toward creating an exceptional work environment for all. His number one priority was the well being of all who worked for him. Over the years, Johnny has spent thousands of hours studying and researching self-improvement. Along with his varied work opportunities came thousands of employees from all segments of society on which to test his learnings.  

In 2000, Johnny and his family moved back to his home town of Jonesboro, Arkansas, to start his own company. Beginning with two employees, himself and his son, Jeremy, the company grew into a multi-million dollar company with over 600 employees. Throughout the growth of the company, Johnny knew the time was coming for him to pursue his passion of helping individuals reach a level of personal commitment and passion for life with no self-limiting beliefs to hold them back from whatever their dreams are. Johnny sold his company and is dedicating himself to providing experiential training and motivational programs that allow the individual to wake up to their true potential and become motivated to be a valuable contributor to the betterment of mankind and themselves. Johnny’s goal is self-actualization for everyone. Transcend Life was created to make his goal a reality and leave a positive legacy for the world. 

Over the course of the last three years, Johnny has assembled an amazing team at Transcend Life and spent over 1.5 million dollars towards developing world class, experiential programs that are the new wave for the 21st century self-improvement solutions.

Johnny and his wife, Teresa, have been married 36 years. He is the father of 6 children and 18 grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with family and friends on his 1,000 acres of land nestled along the white river in the Ozark Mountains. 

Dr. Catherine Adams - Senior Advisor 

Dr. Catherine Adams is a licensed clinical psychologist in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She received a Master’s degree in Psychology at Boston University and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology at the University of Mississippi. She specializes in using research-based approaches to helping others design an individualized, valuable life for themselves. She has a side interest in preventive mental and physical health, studying individual behavior change in order to help others get the most out of life.

Dr. Adams is a native Arkansan and mother of two sons. She enjoys the outdoors, attending her son’s sporting events, and being full of life. She is an avid reader and puzzle worker. Her values in life include making a profound, extraordinary impact in the lives of others.

David Terrell - CEO/Master Instructor 

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David Terrell has been a key part in training and facilitating Transcend events. Service to his fellow man is a life theme for David. He has lived in many areas of the United States but calls Arkansas his home. His training career advanced to the next level during his time spent in the Army National Guard. He received numerous medals of achievement in direct relation to character and ability to train and facilitate events, especially training others how to react in extreme and harsh environments. There came a point of self-assessment during his time spent in the service where he knew he was meant to do more to help the world, so he became a full-time volunteer missionary, serving among the Sioux Nation in South Dakota and the surrounding states. His time was spent studying, helping others see their potential, training others on addiction recovery, and aligning with organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry. His lifetime of experiences has uniquely prepared him to help others move past their personal boundaries.

David attended Arkansas State University and returned to Arkansas in 2015. He and his wife, Kylie, have three sons. Family is a very important value for them and they enjoy taking advantage of all that life has to offer. They navigate towards any activities involving nature and the outdoors. Whether it’s horseback riding, turning an overgrown forest into beautiful park settings, or forging weapons of art, David enjoys his time moving forward with a purpose. 

Jahbari McLennan - Managing Director/Instructor

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Jahbari McLennan has always had the heart to speak and the passion to help others live their life as they were called to be. Jahbari’s leadership skills began on the football field at a young age, and he continued to develop these talents throughout college. He was well respected and followed by his team members, and after many years of exercising this skill on the field, he brought this outlook and leadership into his business life. Jahbari has been recognized in his professional life with such honors as Top Salesperson. In 2015, Jahbari joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation so he would be able to share the values the late Zig Ziglar stood for. From this point on, Jahbari has used his unique personality to motivate others to become the best version of themselves so they can also inspire others. A favorite quote of his is “Once we know our why, it is our responsibility to live it out”. 

Jahbari is from Houston/Austin, Texas. He graduated from Arkansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance. Jahbari is married to Shania McLennan and together they have a family company that provides housing for others who may be unable to own their own home. Jahbari and Shania love to travel around the USA and the world. A place Jahbari wants to take Shania is to Africa for a wildlife Safari. Other hobbies include any outside activities, being on the water, flying somewhere other than where they are located, and working out together and staying physically fit. Jahbari enjoys hanging out with friends and learning new ideas and ways to view life.