Transcend Life

Improving the world.


Transcend Life is a result of over 40 years of successful business ownership and employee satisfaction by our owner Johnny Terrell. Transcend Life uses that experience to help businesses and individuals across the country.

We use surveys, personality assessments, in-person trainings and more to help ensure success.

It’s a Great Day to Be Alive!

That’s our motto at Transcend Life. Wake up and live your life to the fullest each and every day. Be the best “you”. Transcend your life today! That is what we say to people.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of blank stares or responses that people don’t need that type of improvement. That is one layer of this story. On a deeper layer, the blank stares are filled with undescribed emotions or held in secrets that hide behind the persona that has been created for various reasons. Very few people are their Authentic Self. And those who are, experience life in a completely different way.

For many, throughout life, these moments of being their Authentic Self come and go like waves of the sea. Our goal is to increase these moments by helping everyone transcend the personas or profiles that have been created as a natural result of life.

When you live as your Authentic Self, you operate on a different level of life. Success is only the beginning. Eliminating mistakes is a byproduct. Increasing your ability to learn is the path.

There is no cookie cutter answer to becoming the best version of your business or the best version of yourself, but it almost always involves creating an image of what your best version actually looks like.

For example, if you are a marketing company and you are asked what the best version of your business involves, you would say something like this:


The best version of our business helps every client become successful. It offers high quality service to everyone and maintains positive employee satisfaction. It generates enough profit to offer comfortable living for every employee as well as provides charity functions and donations for the community.

We want you to be able to identify what that best version of your self is or the best version of your business is. More than just identifying this best version, we will use proven methods to help you reach whatever level you are aiming for.

The methods we use are a combination of fun, new, traditional, and engaging. They involve breaking through barriers and peeling back the layers in our interactions with people in business, personal, or relationship settings. We use high energy levels and hands on engagement to reveal the potential within. Transcend Life is dedicated to continuous innovation to our methods and trainings, so you can be confident that you are getting a one of a kind experience every time.

Transcend Life will help you. Find out how.

Alive is the training that started Transcend

The journey of Transcend has taken years to become what it is today. We will remain a community icon for growth and innovation. There are too many businesses, relationships, or even lives that fail in today’s world to ignore the need for growth and innovation. Transcend Life is here to provide the boost and energy needed to keep a growth mindset .


The journey may be long

but the journey is what you really seek