Transcend Life comes through your doors to help your team excel above the rest.

Our On-Site training programs are impactful events that address common workplace cultures or struggles that cripple growth and effectiveness. These trainings can be custom tailored to meet current needs or time constraints. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to request more information.


A team is as effective as its communication


Each training is custom tailored to address specific needs in your business while addressing the selected messages.

All trainings and workshops offered by Transcend are unique and interactive.

Transcend Life is a way of living that focuses on continuous growth. Personal relatability and active engagement help our training events to be fun, enlightening, and even life changing.



Training Topics

Effective Communication

Communication is a skill that can take years to master and understand. We offer a fast paced environment to increase your communication. Communication can cripple or advance an organization to the next level. Beyond the skill of communication, there is also the attitude of communication and the feelings of communication. This training brings participants through exercises that help excite the attitude within. Just like all the trainings offered by Transcend, we believe that doing is the best form of learning.

Power Speaking

This is more than a public speaking course. This training will help you speak with power. Power speaking will aid in your ability to communicate and translate your messages. It will increase your ability to motivate and influence a team with power and control. We focus on preparing physically as well as mentally to help people become great power speakers.

Team Building

An effective working team will conquer any situation. Transcend teaches the power of team work with an engaging process that will crack through barriers in teamwork. This course is designed to unite a team together and build bonds between team members. We use business, military, and sports team building activities to create a positively unique experience to unite a team of individuals together.


Sometimes what we really need is not more information. Many times we know the answer and how to solve the problems but lack the motivation to do it and get the job done. Finding that energy from within can be very difficult for most people so they turn to outward sources. The motivation training is exactly that. This is an engaging and heart touching experience that will inspire and ignite any organization to be the best they can be with the time they have.


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