A letter from our founder

Many years ago, my son, Jeremy Terrell, and I had the vision of a transformative self-improvement
program that helps individuals improve themselves no matter where they come from or what stage of
life they might be in. We envisioned a company with the mission of helping people find a way to live
their lives to the fullest and to experience success in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives.
Years later, in 2016, Jeremy and I were discussing plans to start the leadership training program we had
discussed years prior. I had just sold my very successful facility services company and was ready to take
on the next challenge. The time was right, so we began creating the company and program. The project
began to develop quickly and we were reaching a point where we would need additional people to be
involved for the program to be successful. It was during this time that my youngest son, David Terrell,
moved back to the area and expressed interest in helping to start this program. Prior to moving back to
Arkansas, David had spent several years as a full-time missionary for his church and truly loved helping
people improve their lives and he wanted to find a way to continue the mission of helping others. With
David on the team, we were able to fill the needed gaps and the Transcend Awakening program was
finally beginning to take shape.

Through the application of principled leadership learned in my 40 years in business, and through the
application of the fundamental values taught in this class I, along with my two sons, worked tirelessly to
bring this vision to the world in just 15 months. Our instructors, led by David, have spent hundreds of
hours preparing to become effective trainers. In addition to our instructors, our extremely dedicated
staff and team members have been diligently working behind the scenes to help make the Transcend
Awakening program a reality. I am proud of what we have built. Our program is truly transforming
and will allow anyone to break free from their self-limiting beliefs and give them the courage to
live their lives to fullest.

I would like to take this moment and extend an open invitation. If you are someone who is looking to be
unleashed, or if you want to find a way to become the best version of yourself, I encourage you to
change your life and come to our program. Often our graduates will say this was one of, if not the best,
experiences of their entire life. Our graduates leave feeling unstoppable and ready to become the best
possible versions of themselves. If you are ready to change your life and live it like you never have
before, come to our class.

See you on the other side of the line,

Johnny Terrell