Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this Class For?

A: This class is for everyone. We have had homemakers, military officers, religious leaders, CEO's, small team managers, and many more go through this training process and say it is one of the toughest, yet most beneficial training courses they have ever been through.   No matter where you are at in your life, we will help you rise above the limits that hold you back, both external and internal. See what our Graduates have to say.

Q: What will this training do for my company?

A: Graduates take more pride in the work they do. They are better able to give a 100% focus in their day to day activities and all that they do.  We continually receive positive feedback from our graduates and their companies about the level of growth they see.  Most people have something, or many things, holding them back from doing their best work. This training is about giving 100% in the "now moment" and rising above those things that keep us from giving 100%.  Click here to see how we strengthen organizations.

Q: Does this Training help with relationships?

A: This training process helps graduates to improve relationships in every aspect of their lives: in marriage, in customer relations, and friendships. Every relation is strengthened by the individuals involved. When individuals have a clear image of who they are and a realistic view of personal accountability, they are able to make changes to strengthen their relations. Click here to learn how individuals benefit in this training.

Q:  How do I enroll in a training class?

A:  You enroll by one of 4 methods. You go through the online enrollment portal here. Or you may enroll by phone. To enroll by email, send your information to You also may enroll in person with one of our sales staff members

Q: What is the enrollment process?

A: Enrollment first begins with gathering basic contact information for the student and the class to be enrolled in. Then students must complete a full enrollment form, medical form, liability release form, and receive a payment confirmation form before participation in class.  Our training staff will contact students before their class to brief them on what to expect and how to prepare. Click here to start the enrollment process.

Q: How do I enroll people from my company in the training?

A: We have an option in the checkout areas to enroll for another person.  Click here to enroll for another person. When you enroll for another, you will need yours and their basic contact information and the remaining information will be gathered later, before their class begins.

Q: What should I expect from the class?

A: This training is a process in an environment designed to help others make positive changes in their life.  This is considered a difficult and challenging class for all those who attend and complete the course.  There are many situations that allow students to experience high levels of emotional, spiritual, and mental growth.  Due to the intensity in this training, you must be in healthy physical condition to attend this class.  Click here to know more about the class.

Q: Why is this training said to be difficult?

A: This course causes students to consistently reevaluate their worldviews, their personal patterns, and challenge fixed beliefs about their ability, which is exhausting. The environment is a mix between extremely high energy and heart to heart moments.  This is not a course where students listen to and watch lectures, they are actively engaged and are placed right in the center of attention where they all will eventually shine bright and free of worries holding them back.

Q: Is this Training guaranteed to make a difference in employees that go through it?

A: The downside to this training is that it doesn't work if you don't apply it.  Our graduates either earn a "Certificate of Completion" or a "Certificate of Commitment - Heart, Body, and Soul".  Those who earn the Certificate of Commitment have proven that they are able to push past barriers and walls that have held them back and are able to stretch their level of success to a higher level.  People can change quickly, but the challenge is keeping the change.  This is precisely the reason we include our reinforcement plan to our graduates.  Training does not end when graduates finish the course, it only begins as they learn how to actually apply it to their life and their situations to improve it.


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