Increase your Standards of Excellence

Many businesses want to create a Transcend atmosphere within their own team. Our Custom Advantage Plans will help your business, team, or organization move to the next level.


Custom training programs

Our plans are customized to your businesses unique needs and challenges. Every organization will take a slightly different path to achieve the highest level of growth. Through internal surveys, meetings, and interviews we help your team raise the bar. We mold our courses to your industry to guarantee you get a meaningful experience. We focus on T.T.E. (Tools, Training, and Expectations) to empower efficiency and eliminate negative culture.

Receive improvement statistics

Your growth and quality of life as a business and organization is important to us. We use surveys, meetings, and interviews to gather information about your organizations overall satisfaction as well as effectiveness. Over the course of your plan, we will take baseline measurements and reassess on a 3 or 6 month plan to show the growth in your organization.

3rd party internal surveys

To gather information in your business, we conduct anonymous internal surveys to assess the current state of your business. The information we track is customized to your plan. We track information such as:

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Sales

  • Job Quality

  • Job Speed

  • Turnover Rates

  • Improvement Speed

  • Learning Curve Rates

Increased Communication

Communication is one of the most important elements to have a group of people work effectively. In any industry or profession, communication is the link that allows work to be done the right way. Our custom advantage plans will help isolate your businesses communication habits and culture and promote positive communication.

Improve customer and employee satisfaction

When your customers are satisfied, you have accomplished an important task. When your customers and your employees are satisfied, you have changed lives for the better. When someone feels that their employer cares about them, they usually stick around.

Increase the atmosphere of your business

Transcend operates with a positive and high energy atmosphere. Bringing increased energy and enthusiasm to the work place will quickly improve employee morale. All of the trainings offered by Transcend are memorable events, which make them easier to remember and apply in life. We don’t just bring a positive atmosphere, we help your team build their own positive atmosphere.

Transcend Alive 

Sending your managers and key people to the Alive training will be the quickest way to increase your businesses atmosphere and productivity. With the Custom Advantage Plan you receive discounts for the Alive Training.


Take a chance on positive change

If you are unsure how Transcend will help your business, talk to one of our associates. The best way to realize the growth that is awaiting you is to start your Custom Advantage Plan. Click below to find out how Transcend will help your business.