3 Reasons to Improve (4 Min read)

Why is it important to focus on your improvement?  

Whether it is parenting or on a personal or business level, improvement is something that we all should keep focus on. We live in a time that has more collective intelligence than any other time on Earth, and yet, feeling doubts, anxiety, and depression is becoming more and more common across the world.  Numerous statistics show us that you either experience these feelings yourself or someone close to you is experiencing these feelings. This leads us to the 1st reason to improve.

1. Be Proactive

As human beings we all have basic necessities.  These are mental, physical, and spiritual. Within each of these bare necessities, we also have the need to evolve, a need for variety. If we fail to keep that evolution of growth and improvement, then we will experience symptoms.  These symptoms may be observed in forms of doubts, worries, sadness, misdirection, fatigue, laziness, and more. The symptoms can be addressed on the surface, such as doing an activity to get your mind off of it, or you can go to the source of the problem.  You can make the choice to battle these symptoms in yourself or someone you know by being proactive. Taking consistent action in improving in all three categories, mental, physical, and spiritual, will stop many of the symptoms before they occur.

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2. Time Never Stops

Time is simply the unfolding of events.  The biggest reason to not worry about improvement is because you like where you are at in life.  When you find yourself associating with this position of being comfortable with where you are at, remember to keep time in mind.  There are millions of people who are working hard to excel in their business or passions and those who are determined will likely succeed as time goes on.  You may feel ok remaining in a comfortable position for a while, but time keeps moving even if you don’t. If you are not on a path of improvement, someone who is on a path of improvement will eventually step in and take your place.  It may be 1 year, 10 years, or 20 years, but that path of remaining still, will lose in the end because time keeps moving forward. Those traumatic and extreme stress situations like losing your business to a more innovative competitor can easily be prevented by steady and consistent improvement.   

3. We Live In The Old Future

Let’s think beyond ourselves for this 3rd reason.  Flying cars, space travel, digital currency, handheld do everything devices… We have more technology now than ever before.  Recent studies have shown that our DNA improves generation to generation. In addition to our offspring being genetically prepared for the world we live in, we are surrounded with a technological world that didn’t even exist 100 years ago.  We are required to learn faster because there are multiple lifetimes of information out there. We are near the point in a society where if you want to add any type of increase to society’s knowledge, you first have to spend years just learning all that has already been discovered. Otherwise, you could just be recreating something that has already been done. To move our human civilization into the new future, we need to be on a path of regular improvement: Technological, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual.  This takes consistent work and it takes eliminating complacency and contentment from your behavior.  When we as a society embark on this type of improvement path, think of what the New Future will be like.

It can be easy to feel like there is an endless mountain of improvement when you really examine yourself because there is.  The best way to go higher is steady and consistent work on improvement, and the real secret is that there is no definable top of the mountain.  As soon as you get to the top of a mountain, you will realize one of 2 things:  There are other people that need help up your mountain or there are thousands of other mountains you can see with your new and higher perspective and your mountain is just a foothill.

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