Survey Mechanics

Designing the right survey is an art.  There are a lot of layers involved including asking right questions, administering, analyzing, and knowing how to present the results of your answers.  At Transcend we understand the value of gaining accurate feedback to measure your organization. Knowing what your business is actually like can save time, money, and loss.

Time is an expensive commodity that all businesses can use more of. We have taken the time, energy, and resources to understand and develop surveys to gauge a businesses current state so you can stay focused on what you need to do.  We also take it further and give a customized plan of improvement based off of your analysis and offer trainings to support your growth.

Here is a basic breakdown of the survey process at Transcend Life.

Step 1: Initial Interview.

This step is critical in building a customized survey for your current needs. Every business has different needs but all are short on time.  Our surveys are short, easy, and to the point. The initial interview allows us to narrow down which questions are applicable to the perceived problem or desired outcome.  We also include questions to address any other possible issues our team suspects after the initial interview.

Step 2: Survey Building

Quick, easy, and effective surveys have a higher percentage of completion rates which allow for more frequent survey results.  We combine quantitative and qualitative questions to gain an image of the current state of your business. Possible questions to answers will highly influence the accuracy of a survey. To aid in creating a precise survey, all questions are asked to find out specific information.  Some questions give singular information such as age and others give a spectrum of information such as:

Q: How likely are you to refer a friend to us?

A: Very likely - likely - indifferent - not likely - will not

We can learn multiple insights from one question, which gets into results of omission and commission. By not saying something on a survey, you say something else by your action.  Answer possibilities are crucial. The answer possibilities given will greatly influence a surveys accuracy and direction.

Step 3: Administering

At Transcend we administer our surveys digitally.  You give us the email list of surveyees and we send out website links to our survey.  Some businesses request to distribute links themselves, but completion percentage rates usually drop.  Our surveys are quick and take less than 2 minutes. After a pre specified time period, we close the survey and begin analyzing the results.

Step 4: Analyzing Results

There isn’t a clear quantifiable answer for all questions and this needs to be taken into consideration.  The results given are a combination of emotion, pure data, and going through the motions. If the questions and answer possibilities were thought out clearly, then analyzing results should be quick.  Effective Surveys are looking for specific information and results need to show accurate information.

Step 5: Presenting the Results

The answers and analysis make sense when it is all placed in context.  Definitive style answers should be presented with clear separation from other answers.  Spectrum style answers should be presented with relation to the neighboring answer such as:

Q: How valuable do you think this training was?

A: Extremely Valuable - Some Value - Little Value - Not Valuable.  

This type of question should be presented with relation to a neighboring answer because the answers are non quantifiable.  To give more accuracy to the overall answers you must understand that the real answer may be next to the one given. The results gathered are measured against any hypothesis, financial data, or customer feedback. Over time you will get more accurate statistics from your results.

Step 6: Future Course of Action

After the results are analyzed and presented, the Transcend Team will formulate a customized version of one of our trainings to help your team improve in the selected area.  Continued survey plans will show the value of Transcend trainings and with a Custom Advantage Plan the surveys are included as well as regular occuring trainings.

Transcend Life is here to help your business and it’s members thrive.  Get your Transcend Life Assessment today.