Is Your Mind Set? (4 min read)

A mindset is an established set of attitudes a person has, whether conscious or subconscious.  The type of mindset you have influences everything about you. Your personality, your motivations, your potential for growth are all heavily affected by your mindset. Over the multitude of differing mindsets we can create 3 categories: A Toxic Mindset, a Fixed Mindset, or a Growth Mindset.  All mindsets can be placed into one of these three categories.

A Toxic Mindset is the easiest to understand. This is a set of attitudes that tear apart relationships, careers, jobs, families, and even lives. The other two are not always easily understood.

Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., has a book titled: “Mindset the new psychology of success” that focuses on two main categories of Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset people. A Fixed Mindset is a consistent set of attitudes that are not evolving, whereas a Growth Mindset is a set of attitudes that allow for more learning opportunities and motivations.  Benjamin Barber, a political theorist, uses the simple terminology of dividing the world into learners and non-learners.

Some people actually become afraid of challenges at a young age and start forming attitudes and choice patterns to avoid them.  A Fixed Mindset is usually focused on the current abilities rather than expanding abilities.  The Growth Mindset will make choices to gain more learning.  Failures are viewed completely different and focus is placed forward to the next learning endeavour.  

Dweck dives into the deeper understanding of the fixed mindsets vs. the growth mindsets by giving an example of each mindset giving attributes for the perfect spouse.

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People with a Fixed Mindset said the ideal mate would:

Put them on a pedestal.

Make them feel perfect..

Worship them.

When these types of criteria aren’t filled, a fixed mindset individual may breakdown or feel hurt when serious communication, or growth mindset influence is provoked.

People with the growth mindset said their mate would:

See their faults and help them to work on them.

Challenge them to become a better person.

Encourage them to learn new things.

The growth mindset people place their focus on what they wanted. They don’t assume they are complete in their learning or fully evolved and flawless beings.  We see two completely different approaches to their life.

In a business there are also Business Culture Mindsets that can be Toxic, Fixed, or Growth Mindsets. Toxic Mindsets don’t last long. And  it can be easy to get caught up in a fixed mindset and continue to operate the safe route that has worked in the past to ensure success. Fixed Mindsets often include making deals but not following up, lack of concern for customer satisfaction, and falling behind in technological advances.

A Business Growth Mindset has people who are interested in learning their tasks better and finding more tasks to learn.  This type of business culture mindset promotes better communication and quality for employees and customers. Gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to have a growth mindset comes as you take control of your mind and keep learning and improving.

Survey your own mind or your business culture to identify where you stand.  Numerous studies have been conducted on the power of meditation, calm self-reflection, and controlling your mindset.  The values of these self actions can be achieved on a company level through precise assessments.