Are these 3 human natures affecting your business? (4 Min Read)

The human experience is unique dependent on your life experiences. Regardless of these differences, we all experience symptoms that are quintessentially human nature across the board.  We are going to point out a few key human natures that hinder productivity of life and business.

1.       Laziness

Humans by nature are lazy.  That means that, by nature, we go down paths requiring the least amount of energy.  A natural human instinct is to conserve energy for later, which long ago, when food and resources were scarce, would keep us alive.  When a job is given, many people will automatically calculate a way to accomplish the job using as little energy as possible.  When this nature goes unnurtured, it can become a toxic instinct.  Taking shortcuts, lying, and skipping over details are common means of conserving energy and can become habitual. 

The best way to overcome a negative habit is consistent positive action towards something else.  If you find that you or your team members are falling into this toxic nature of laziness, don’t worry, because there are ways to overcome it.  It may be a long process to eliminate laziness but with added focus and powerful events of change it can be accomplished sooner.

Transcend offers powerful events to help break the negative and toxic human natures and replace them with positive reinforcement.  These type of transformation ceremonies are often a tremendous help to empowering individuals.  We have a guarantee that we will make a life changing difference in a 2 day class or you can have your money back.  To combat something negative, you reinforce the positive pathway.  Take positive action to eliminate laziness.

2.       Need for variety

Humans share this characteristic to keep life interesting and growing.  Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs points out “the need for variety” that we have as a part of the human experience. This need for variety can be the enemy of focus.  Humans evolve and adapt to the environment around them and if this characteristic is not being used there may be depression, fatigue, distraction, anxiety, stress, anger, and more. When we are in a consistent or reoccurring job, we might start consciously or subconsciously taking actions to bring about more variety. These may include quitting a job, personality changes, or self-sabotaging.  As a business or family leader, prepare for your people to have a proper amount of variety.

3.       Need to be appreciated

Maslow also pointed out the human need to be appreciated.  When we feel that our work is meaningful for someone else, we experience good feelings.  This is a trait that has been handed down from our ancestors.  Humans that worked together and helped each other would survive and hand on those traits in their DNA.  We release “feel good” chemicals in our brains when we successfully communicate with others or when other people show appreciation for us.  If you are interested in a strong working team, it is essential to show appreciation for your team members. 

Failing to have this need for appreciation fulfilled will cause symptoms of depression, low self-worth, lack of motivation, and more.  Being proactive and giving appreciation to your team members will bring motivation, increased expectations, better connectivity, and communication.

Knowing the basic human needs of your people and how to properly nurture those needs will strengthen your team members to reach their potential.  It’s important to hire the right people, but it is more important to develop the people you have.  Invest the time to understand how your team’s needs are being fulfilled.