Now I am living as myself.

A lot of people don’t care too much about what they do for work, as long as they are able to live the way they choose outside of life as well as have a positive work environment and pay.

That’s me. I don’t like to think about money other than what I have to. I don’t care too much about where I work as long as it is unique, active, and pays well enough to live the way I choose when I’m not working.  I prefer to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

These patterns mean that it is easy for many people to quit a job if it limits their ability to live life outside of work the way they choose. Not enough money, time, or energy.  I found out that if I just create that personal atmosphere that I can be happy and hard working anywhere I go.

Positive and productive work environments give workers more mental energy as well as can result in more money if the pay structure allows it.

I don’t always know that I am on the right path, but I do feel it from time to time. I hang on to those moments and take time to make sure I am living life to the fullest in every area of life. Work. Home. Abroad.  No matter what I am doing now, I am doing it to my best ability and take pride in what I do in every area of life and that speaks to me that I am on the right path. My personal standards of excellence are dramatically increased because I allow myself to do it.  Now I am living a full life in all moments because I took action in my life.

I’ve noticed this pattern in my life: This spectrum of excellence. On one side there is the lack of desire to work hard at anything. The other side is near perfection through shear determination and quality pride.  This pattern can be seen in someone’s work life. And surprisingly it is usually visible in most areas of life the same way. A person who slacks time and takes shortcuts at work will do the same in other areas of life.  Common examples are listening, keeping your home and vehicle clean, or even giving quality time and energy into a relationship or children. If you slack in one area, it limits your ability to succeed in another.

It’s hard to give yourself 100% in some areas of life while you slack off in other areas.  We are very special creatures and we create automatic behaviors in life. By doing this, we can become unaware of how we are acting. We may become unaware that we are slacking off in our duties. There are numerous tasks, and responsibilities in life to focus on. There are even more fun, bright, and exciting activities in life to focus on. This makes it easy to be unaware of a habit unless it is pointed out to your focus.

I am now aware of my habits. Good and bad. Sometimes it’s hard seeing yourself as you really are.  Your flaws and bad habits can be stifling but they are not all that you will see. The good and the great things are seen as well. I love seeing myself for who I really am. I love taking action to make myself better.

I love being Alive.