The Power of a Mother

A testimonial from a mother:


    “Being a mom is hard. There is crying, fighting, poop, spilled milk, pain, sleepless nights, etc. You get the picture. It’s hard to wake up some mornings, knowing the laundry still needs to be done, the toy room cleaned, last nights dinner scrubbed from the table, and diapers to change. Yet, we do it every day. Over and over again. We open our sleepy eyes, and get to work. For our children. We want what is best for them, no matter the stress or craziness they put us through, no matter the messes, or screams, or fights. But everyday we wake up, we are happy. Happy we have these beautiful children in our lives. We can stay positive, and give our children the best of ourselves.  And that is what Transcend can do for you.

Before I went through the class, I would just ignore the messes. Put it off and think about it later. I would do bare minimum to get by. My kids were loved, and that was all that mattered, until I realized much more mattered. My messy home life was starting to reflect on the work of my husband, making him more stressed and causing our home to take a hit. It made my kids believe it was okay to live in a mess.

I noticed I needed something to change. Transcend Alive woke me up as a mother, as a person. It made me feel the extreme love and passion I have for my children, to provide for and better them. I needed to better myself, better my lifestyle. The Alive class made me realize that, made me realize I was not living my life like I should have been. It made me recognize these walls and barriers I had built, and helped me completely knock them down.

I learned to love myself, which in turn helped me love my children even more than I thought possible. Helped me change my life, and theirs. The messes aren’t such a stress anymore. The screaming and crying is worth it. I wake up every single day ready to take it on and say “It’s a great day to be alive!” Though I may be sleep deprived, I still take on my duty as a mother. I raise my children to my very best abilities every single day, and I do it with passion,  heart, body, and soul. I am genuinely happy for the first time in a long time. Happy with myself, and happy with the way I am living. My life change is not only affecting myself and children, but also my husband and all those around me. I am living a positive life, and giving my children a positive environment to learn and grow in.

Transcend Alive truly changed my life. It truly made me feel alive for the first time ever. I am not only just existing anymore, I am living, and living to my best potential. I am leading in my own life. I am my best possible self, and getting better every day. I can thank Transcend Life and their Alive program for changing my life, and my families lives. It was worth every step of the journey.”