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2 ½ days Leadership & Team Development Retreat - $1895

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back

*Includes 2 nights lodging, meals, and materials needed


Transcend Life offers many outstanding retreats and courses on business and self development. Alive is our retreat on Leadership & Team Development. This is the most effective and immersive course that Transcend offers. During the 2 and a half days you spend with the Transcend team, you will take your leadership skills and attitude to a whole new level.

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Are two and a half days of your life worth it? Johnny Terrell, Owner of Transcend Life, speaks about the power of the Alive Training.

Alive is a life changing experience.

This course will ignite the sparks inside of you to help you rise above where you are now. This is a leadership and personal development opportunity that helps everyone, no matter the status in life, to become better and operate on a higher level in their business or relationships.

We caught up with Dennis Nielsen 2 months after he graduated from our Transcend Alive training. He is among many others who have had a positive impact on their lives from this training process. Visit for more information #TranscendLifeToday

In a perfect world, everyone would love their jobs…

…but in reality many Americans do not. A 2017 Gallup poll found out that about 70% of people “HATE” their jobs. The solution is not to leave your job, but to view your job in a new way. Life is meant to be enjoyed and that includes work, regardless of the job.

Kylie Jo Terrell tells about the positive changes she has experienced a few months after she graduated from the Transcend Alive Training.

Our Head Instructer, David Terrell, tells us about the Transcend Alive experience. Learn more at #TranscendLifeToday

If you are in any type of leadership or team working position, the Alive training will help you become better.

If you aren’t improving you might be declining.

Many people don’t see the need to improve right now. This is a subject that we often believe we are doing well at or we will do later. If you find your self in that position where life seems okay and pretty constant, ask yourself, “how did I become better than I was yesterday?” The only time to really make a difference in your life is RIGHT NOW.

It is easy to improve, but it is hard to follow through.

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What is Transcend Alive?

I have never felt so awake, so naked, and raw. My emotions and anxiety no longer control me
— Alive Graduate

Is your heart still beating? Are you still breathing? What does it mean to be Alive?

Transcend Alive is changing the narrative

I have moved on from the world of negativity
— Alive Graduate

Where are Transcend Alive trainings held?


We go where needed.

Transcend Alive is a mobile training event that can be presented at various venues.

Please let us know a location that you would be interested in to attend this event.